Speaking of champions, it was Muhammed Ali who said, ”…they have to have the skill and the will. But the will must be stronger than the skill.”

Champions are ultimate winners. It is not a shared position. There are no two first places in a race. However, in business, we have a broader sense of championship. There are many races to run, many titles to earn, and many causes to champion. So there are many Champions.

Reaching the pinnacle and staying there in business is very difficult in a highly competitive setting. This rivalry drives competitors to perform their best to achieve their ultimate goals. In fact, it could readily be said that competition drives champions.

In this book, you will meet the Celebrity Experts®. This group focuses on success in business and personal achievement. We also learn from them that while economic predominance is important, the journey to get there is equally so. They revel in becoming the best. They revel in achieving goals that no one has before.

One major difference Celebrity Expert® authors show is their willingness to share their information. They understand that while success is sweet, shared success is even sweeter. It has that ‘Win-Win’ flavor that we all savor.

These authors are willing to guide you down the championship lane of success by showing and sharing the details that will promote success if you follow their advice. Now, the path to success is not for the weak of heart or feint of mind… so, read on—

A Champion is someone who gets up when he can’t!
~ Jack Dempsey