Chris Verrone – married to Jennifer and father to Sofia,
Julia, and Luca, owner of C. Verrone Roofing, is a renowned
residential roofing expert –known to most in
the industry as “The Systems Guy.” His development
and refining of his systems for over 22 years has separated
him from the competition.
Chris has served as owner operator of C. Verrone Roofing since its inception
in 1990. Early on, Chris implemented systems targeted at maximizing
efficiency and profit. Through the continuous application of his methods,
C. Verrone Roofing became an industry standout. Regarded as the best in
the industry, C. Verrone Roofing has been chosen for thousands of projects
including the Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library & Museum, and the
Philip Johnson home. After experiencing massive success with C. Verrone
Roofing, Chris realized that other roofing businesses could benefit from his
methods. This realization was the catalyst for the creation of the Verrone
Roofing System.
The Verrone Roofing System has quickly become the go-to playbook for
maximizing profits in the roofing industry. Chris Verrone can offer any roofer
a no-fail strategy for dominating their individual market. At www.chrisverrone.
com roofers can find a wealth of resources that pertain specifically to
them. Chris Verrone created a platform where he can share straightforward
solutions, industry trends, widgets and insider ‘tricks of the trade.’
The most powerful feature of the Verrone Roofing System is the lead generator.
By visiting: contractors can be licensed under
the Verrone Roofing System, owning their exclusive territory as a Verrone
Roofing System Licensed Contractor. This process enables them to be exclusively
referred to a home owner. Chris has built a business that customers
can count on and his reputation has given him great visibility throughout
the United States. He has been seen on CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, FOX NEWS,
ABC, NBC, CBS, & FOX affiliates. Offering to lend his name to help others is in
line with who Chris is, not just a businessman, but as a human being. Chris
is a big believer in the power of financial freedom.
The Verrone Roofing System is Chris’s way of sharing the wealth by
sharing his techniques. To learn more about Chris Verrone or how you can
achieve Financial Freedom with the Verrone Roofing System, please visit: