With nearly a decade of experience in banking, debt
management, and retirement planning, TJ Tillman
has worked in the capacities of Banker, Certified Debt
Counselor, and Financial Advisor. Through his experience,
TJ has developed a unique and holistic financial
planning approach that has been incorporated into the planning process
at his firm, Empire Wealth Management.
After working for some of the largest financial services companies in the nation,
it became apparent to TJ that these companies were solely interested
in growing their profits without regard to the well-being of their clients. In
response to his frustration, TJ co-founded Empire Wealth Management. As a
fee-only financial planning firm, the advisors at Empire Wealth Management
are able to avoid the conflicts of interest that have typically plagued the
financial services industry.
As a Financial Advisor with Empire Wealth Management, TJ helps people
plan for their futures by considering all aspects of their financial lives including
retirement planning, college planning, budgeting, debt payoff, business
interests, estate planning, and life insurance.