For over a decade, Jeff Slayter & Kane Minkus have
been true serial entrepreneurs and Industry Rockstars.
Combined, they founded 9 companies, growing 5 of
them to 7 figures or more – and 2 of which became
internationally leading brands.
Their endeavors spanned several industries including
entertainment, technology, real estate, internet, education
and retail. They managed close to $100M of investment
capital for investors and learned secrets of other
Industry Rockstars from having top mentors, coaches
and trainers, taking risks, making big mistakes and having
huge successes.
Sought after now as top executive coaches, consultants,
meeting facilitators & seminar leaders, Jeff & Kane have
worked with top executives and teams at Fortune 500 and large corporations
like Apple, Cisco, SanDisk, Disney, Lucas Arts, etc. They are known for providing
engaging and thought provoking presentations that cause massive business
breakthroughs, resulting in millions of dollars being created.
They lecture and facilitate public business trainings internationally, and have
shared stages with T Harv Ecker (Author of The Millionaire Mind & owner of
Peak Potentials), John Gray (Best Selling Author of Men Are From Mars &
Woman Are From Venus), Mark Victor Hansen (Author of Chicken Soup For
The Soul), Les Brown (rated among The Top 5 Motivational Speakers in the
world), Bob Proctor & Dr John DeMartini (Stars from the movie The Secret),
Christine Comaford (Venture Capitalist & Best Selling NY Times Author of
Rules For Renegades), Bill Walsh (Venture Capitalist & Business Coach), etc.
They have trained more then 100,000 coaches, speakers, content creators,
consultants, renegade entrepreneurs and professionals worldwide on how
to become the Rockstar in their industry. Through the use of specialized
techniques in Social Dynamics®, Neuro Science & Neuro Linguistics, cutting-
edge leadership techniques, non-traditional sales processes, internet
marketing, and business models, their clients and participants have driven
immense value to the bottom line of their businesses, and achieved unparalleled
success in their industries.
As avid learners, Jeff and Kane have studied and mentored under renowned
NLP gurus, international transformational Masters and Serial Entrepreneurs.
They were top Leadership Trainers at Keller Williams (the 2nd largest real
estate company in the world), run an executive coaching firm and sit on the
board of many privately held companies.
They are knows as witty, fun and edgy presenters, while creating amazing
changes in the perspectives of their audience members. Their flag ship
training Release Your Inner Rockstar teaches you how to take something you
are passionate about and turn it into a 6 to 7 figure business, and position
your personal brand to become an Industry Rockstar. And they did all of this
before they were 30 years old.