Steve Jack is a leading mind, body and energy coach, with a background in Physical Education, Psychology and Energy Healing he is considered an expert in health, well-being and performance. For over 15 years he has been working with clients helping them to achieve breakthrough goals in health, well- being, weight loss, sports performance. He has a mind-body- energy centre in London and consults to a number of health clubs, spa’s, and hotels helping them to design innovative well being programs.
He is a regular on the Professionals Conference circuit having presented in over 15 countries around the world. His business development sessions are changing the way club owners and Personal Trainers think about their business. Steve helps club owners find solutions for increasing secondary spend in their facilities by providing innovative products and training.
He writes regularly for a number of international print and online publications and is the featured presenter on an online video well-being and fitness websites. An accomplished speaker and facilitator Steve has the rare ability to move people in his workshops, and inspires action for those who are ready for change. He is a master trainer for TRX and developer many PT and Group weight loss programs.