Dr. Martina Blumenthal studies the history of cancer
research and its implications on our future. She asks
powerful questions about the psychological and socioeconomic
indicators of cancer research, which have
impacted the evolution and understanding we have of
cancer so far, and how to reshape our worldwide conversation about cancer
so that our outcome can shift from victims in suffering to empowered and
enabled communities celebrating life.
Dr. Blumenthal earned her Ph.D. in Molecular Microbiology and Immunology
from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles in 2007. She won
an Award from the American Society of Gene Therapy for her dissertation
research on Suicide Gene Therapy for Insertional Oncogenesis in Mice in
2005. She led a project on pre-clinical drug development for leukemia and
lymphoma at MannKind Corporation in Valencia, California, until 2011.
Her path changed when she was diagnosed with Stage 0 cervical dysplasia.
She embarked on the process of researching and writing her first book, Love
Cancer, which takes responsibility for the status quo and the lack of innovation
in cancer research, shifting the context towards a new possibility, the evolution
of humanity as a body that works. You can learn more at www.lovecancernow.
com. Dr. Martina Blumenthal asks each of her readers and the world at large
to be part of her giant goal by 2050: to make cancer history.
Along the way she discovered her talent for inspiring people to reach their
full potential by asking powerful questions. Dr. Blumenthal is launching an
online discussion forum that empowers people to trust their knowledge and
ask questions instead of waiting for an answer. She is determined to solve
the Cancer Puzzle by using the power of the Internet for a global brainstorm.
Among her interests are continued education in communication, marketing,
personal potential and business dynamics. To balance her life she likes to
let off steam at obstacle courses and mud runs, yoga practice, hip-hop dance,
kick-boxing, snowboarding and treadmill meditation.
She was born in Bonn, Germany, grew up in St. Augustin near Cologne, Germany,
and is currently based in Los Angeles, California.