Paul Mann has been a Financial Advisor for over 12
years. After spending several years working for a few
different large firms, Paul reached a certain level of
frustration with each of these companies. In an effort to
achieve the high level of service he desired to extend to
his clients, Paul co-founded Empire Wealth Management
Paul believes one of the dilemmas with the financial services industry is that
over the past 100 years, many of his associates have done everything they
can to make investing sound as convoluted as possible. Paul has designed
clear, easy-to-understand investment strategies that he explains to his clients
in simple everyday language.
Paul focuses on using tax-efficient investment strategies to manage his client’s
financial risk, and protect their assets. In 2007, Paul received special
recognition from a local Police Department for protecting his clients from
financial exploitation and assisting in the arrest of deceitful individuals.