Starting with a BS in Industrial Design and a Certificate
in Marketing from Georgia Tech, Adam Weart has spent
the past decade providing unmatched design and services
to clients, specializing in corporate branding, social
media and web design.
Adam spent four years running Design and Engineering for HomeWaves
while leading the initiative for branding, marketing and sales. During his
leadership, HomeWaves achieved their industry’s most prestigious recognition
by receiving 3 National CEDIA Awards.
Adam is an Inbound Marketing Certified Professional, has received the
“Carnival of Real Estate Blogging Honors,” and is an instructor for various
Continuing Education Courses on Social Media and Technology in the Real
Estate Industry.
Adam continues to extend his leadership and marketing creativity in real
estate technology by leveraging all aspects of Social Media Marketing and
Web Usability Design as a key leader at Web Socially.
2004: Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia; B.S. degree in Industrial
Design, and a certificate in Marketing.
Contact Information :
Telephone: (678) 367-3780