“Shifu” Loretta Wollering is a recognized expert and
master-level instructor in the field of tai chi chuan (taijiquan).
She specializes in teaching tai chi with the ancient
Chinese principles intact, and heads the traditional
lineage of the late tai chi grandmaster, Jou Tsung Hwa.
Wollering is best known for her abilities to teach sophisticated tai chi secrets
in ways that have delivered astounding results – to change people’s lives
and facilitate healing where other therapies and medical treatments have
failed. She discovered how to use tai chi to cure herself of Crohn’s disease
while finishing grad school, as well as to cure a knee injury and conquer
depression. While she has more than 20-years experience in teaching and
using tai chi for health and inner peace, she has the rare experience of using
traditional tai chi’s martial arts applications as well.
Among her published works in trade magazines, media appearances and
numerous awards, she is a 2008 recipient of a leadership award from the
President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports (Washington, DC). Wollering
continues to pioneer promotion of tai chi by developing an online school
of tai chi so that anyone, anywhere, can afford to benefit from this ancient
Taoist art.
She is open-minded and accepting of all people interested in tai chi, no matter
what their beliefs and levels of physical ability. Feel free to contact Shifu
Loretta and enjoy more information about tai chi at:
You can also join alongside completely new beginners as well as advanced
tai chi enthusiasts and masters at America’s biggest and friendliest tai chi
gathering – Tai Chi Gala – headed by Ms. Wollering: YES – All are welcome here.