3 Steps To Your Best Body

“Mirror, mirror on the wall, is that really me?”

Do you play MINDGAMES with yourself? Are you a couch potato or armchair commentator? In this book, leading nutritionists, fitness professionals and athletic coaches show you their solution as they guide you through the “3 Steps To Your Best Body – In Record Time.”

Many of them have been where you have been, including ‘pleasantly plump’, grossly overweight, sedentary or ‘what-do-I-do-now?’ and have come up with a solution. You tried a diet and ‘those’ exercises before and you know they don’t work. You feel that “no one understands!” From here where?

These fitness professionals will show you that regardless of size, age or occupation, the three factors of Mindset, Nutrition and Physical Fitness are the answer. They encourage you to DO SOMETHING about it before ‘analysis-paralysis’ sets in! Remember the old saying, ‘… an action-now-plan trumps a perfect-plan-tomorrow every time.’

Best of all, whether you are a super-busy mom, out-of-condition type, or a CEO ‘under-the-water-line,’ they give you a time-efficient method to do it!