Born and raised in New York, Ginny Grupp found fitness at twelve years old. That was when she got swept up in the Jane Fonda fitness craze, donned leg warmers and did the “Jane Fonda Workout” 3 times a day in her room. She loved the feeling of strength that came along with the wide variety of exercises and knew somehow, fitness would always be a part of her life.
Off she went to college, where she discovered running and strength training, then to New York City, where she first worked with a personal trainer. Thinking this was a much more fun option than her 9-to-9 job in the financial industry, she eventually left her Wall Street career. Although she had run the NYC marathon and inspired many of her friends and co-workers to add fitness to their lives, she wasn’t quite ready to jump from the cubicle to the gym.
Instead, she combined her passion for fitness with a passion for the outdoors and traveled for three years before arriving in Alaska. Here, she found her home. In 2003, she decided that Girdwood, Alaska would be her permanent residence and that it was time to pursue fitness as a full-time career. She became an ACE-certified personal trainer in 2003, continued on to a Master of Science in Exercise Science and Health Promotion, and achieved her Performance Enhancement Specialty certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine in 2007. She launched AlaskaFit in 2005 and began to grow and expand the business in 2007.
Ginny has worked with hundreds of clients in Alaska and around the United States. She launched AlaskaFit Boot Camps in 2009 and is making health and fitness a priority for Alaskans. Her philosophy is, “It’s not about getting into shape, it’s about getting into life!” AlaskaFit’s focus for clients is to get them physically fit and active for the simple reason that there is no better way to enjoy life than to feel good. And really, isn’t enjoying the ride what life is all about?