Jason Long, President and Founder of TREO Sports & Fitness, is a successful business owner, having helped 100’s of clients through a results-driven training system for both athletes and fitness enthusiast.
Jason founded his company in 2008, after spending 6 years working at various health and sport clubs in California and New York. He currently holds a certification as a certified personal trainer through NASM and a certified strength and conditioning specialist through the NSCA. He returned to Buffalo to complete his Master’s degree in Exercise Science in order to pursue his dream to open an athletic performance and fitness studio. He recently completed his level 3 certification through Z Health and plans to continue his educational background.
After spending years in competitive athletics, Jason realized his goal to provide a comprehensive training system to local athletes that would dramatically increase their overall performance and level of play. Jason’s performance training system has helped dozens of athletes significantly improve various skills necessary for high level athletic performance and consistently improve their vertical jump 2-4.5” inches in just 8 training sessions while also seeing as much as a 4/10 of a second drop in the 40 yd dash in just 4 training sessions.
On the fitness end, he realized that selling memberships to a club wasn’t the answer to client results, but instead an individual and personalized plan that included injury prevention, proper recovery, fat loss and muscle building tools would help them achieve their goals. Jason has spent years researching, developing, and integrating various methods of training to consistently improve the TREO training system. He, along with his staff, has achieved superb results with each client, time and time again.
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