Sean is all about making the most from of all you’ve got. As a professional Wake Boarder he rose to the very highest level, representing team USA at the World Championships in Germany. As a fitness business owner, again, he far surpassed what many of his peers in the industry dreamed of accomplishing, creating a 653-strong client base in just 3 years, starting from nothing. Sean was also recognized as one of the Top 10 personal trainers in the country.
Now with NPE, Sean (along with Eric) has started a business from scratch and turned it into a multi-million dollar, industry leading company in just two years. A feat recognized by the very best business builders in the world at the Glazer Kennedy Info-Summit 2008 where Sean & Eric won the “Info Marketer’s of the Year” award.
Sean’s biggest asset is his ability to systemize and then maximize almost every business essential from sales, to marketing, to management and more. If there’s a faster, easier and more profitable way to do something, Sean will find it.
In his spare time Sean likes to “relax” by cranking out nausea-inducing Cross-Fit workouts, surfing in oftentimes shark infested waters, or being pulled at up to 23mph, hanging onto the back of a wakeboarding boat.