Joshua Trentine is the founder of Renaissance Exercise, an online authority in the High Intensity Strength Training industry, and Overload Fitness, one of the country’s premier one on one personal training facilities with two locations in the greater Cleveland, Ohio area and a third facility in Altamonte Springs, Florida.

Joshua has always been fascinated by physical culture starting in his early teens. It was this fascination that has given him a broad spectrum of knowledge in the health and fitness industry. Joshua has an extensive background in physical therapy and nutrition and fitness. He has used his extensive knowledge to achieve the highest level (Professional) in the natural drug-free body building arena. Joshua has used his expertise and personal experience to help hundreds of clients achieve their health and fitness goals in minimal time spent away from their daily lives.

Joshua has been featured on Super Human Radio, ESPN Radio, CBS Radio, That’s Life with Robin Swoboda, FOX 8 News, The Cleveland Plain Dealer and countless other on-line forums and discussion groups. Joshua also does public speaking and has contributed to several publications throughout his career. He is also a well respected and sought after authority in the High-Intensity community