Ken Bowman is passionate about nutrition and fitness. He has been in the health industry most of his life. During college he worked in a health food store and as a trainer at a health club. He has worked as a trainer in the pharmaceutical industry where he taught pharmaceutical reps about conditions such as diabetes and hypertension. He has given talks to the public on topics such as delaying cognitive decline. He now owns his own natural food store and is a personal trainer.
As a skinny kid, Ken wanted to put on muscle, so he took up bodybuilding. As a hard gainer he did not get results at first. Then he learned how to train and eat for strength and size, which is now one of his specialty areas as a personal trainer. Ken entered a local bodybuilding contest while in college and won. Since then Ken has taken first place in several bodybuilding contests, including a comeback contest at the end of 2010.
Ken has been a certified personal trainer for 16 years. He has worked at various training studios and fitness centers as a personal trainer and nutritional consultant. In 2010 he founded Ken Bowman Body Coach. Ken works in Orlando, Florida using the vast knowledge he learned from bodybuilding and years of study to help others reach their fitness goals. In addition to his personal training certifications, Ken is certified as a Sports Nutrition and Body Composition Specialist. Ken specializes in the following areas: 1. Hard gainers, 2. Baby boomers, 3. People wanting to lose that last 15 pounds or so. Ken also helps men and women prepare for bodybuilding contests and beauty pageants.
Ken conducts boot camps and is available for personal training sessions, small group training, and nutrition consultations. For more information regarding his services or pertaining to the Stay Full on Real Food Eating Plan, such as adaptations for post workout meals, and to order Calorie Control Weight Management Formula, go to: