Shondelle Solomon-Miles discovered her passion for fitness and body transformation upon graduating from Columbia University in 1996, after having worked in the university gym throughout her latter years of college. Since then, it has been Shondelle’s personal and professional mission to improve and transform lives via the vehicle of health and fitness. In 2006 years after graduating with her Masters in Sports Medicine from University of Miami, Shondelle established Synergize!, a multifaceted small-group personal training center specializing in body fat loss and weight management for adult men and women. ‘I wanted to create an affordable and results-driven alternative to traditional health clubs and one-on-one personal training. I really wanted to help people get lasting, life changing, ‘jaw-dropping’, results and most of all, have fun doing it.” Shondelle says. In June of 2009, Shondelle discovered CrossFit after months of neglecting her own personal fitness regimen, and after experiencing the effectiveness of the CrossFit training methodology, became a CrossFit affiliate in April 2011. ‘I’ve never been more passionate about anything as I am about CrossFit. I love it because it strengthens the mind just as much, if not more so, than the body.’
Synergize! home of CrossFit 954 has since been voted ‘Hollywood’s best place to workout’ for 5 consecutive years by readers of the Hollywood Gazette. Solomon-Miles has also been recognized by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce as a Small Business Person of the Year Nominee and was voted ‘Best 40 Under 40’ by Success South Florida Magazine in 2008. Shondelle also recently received the honor of ‘Fitness Expert of the Year’ by the American Business Women’s Association.
Author of The Ultimate Fat Loss Guide, Solomon-Miles asserts that effective and permanent weight loss is the manifestation of: a healthy mind, a “detoxed” body, supportive nutrition, moderate exercise, effective stress management, and reliable support systems – the six core principles that compose the Synergize! philosophy. Shondelle also believes that misinformation, and lack of enjoyment, intensity and support are the four primary reasons that prevent individuals from attaining their fitness goals, and has made it her mission to help clients overcome these obstacles. Throughout her 15 year career Shondelle has helped well over 3,000 men and women achieve better health and improved physiques by applying her no-nonsense yet fun training methodology. Shondelle resides in Hollywood, Florida with her husband and two young children.