The Ultimate Home Buyer’s Guide

There’s something about buying and selling real estate that is exciting. Maybe it’s the size of the asset or even the emotional attachment we have to it. Most sellers believe they are the experts when it comes to their own property. That is why objective experience, knowledge and guidance in buying and selling real estate is so important. The Celebrity Experts® in this book are willing to share their proven and objective experience in real estate with you. They have had the benefit of training, as well as proven experience, that has been crucial to their real estate success.

Among the many topics that these Celebrity Experts® discuss from their experience: choosing the right agent to represent you, handling short sales, why buying and selling strategies are important, referrals, contracts and negotiations, and how to avoid common mistakes when buying or selling real estate. This Home Buyers Guide will share with you the practices that made these Celebrity Experts® successful in real estate – practices you can learn from, adopt, and pass along – or you may wish to contact them for additional information.