Michael Reese, a Lawton, OK native, has risen to the rank of
award winning realtor in just 7 years. However, if you knew his
past, you would know he’s been groomed for sales and excellence
his entire life. The son of a Command Sergeant Major, his
mother would say, “There is only one way of doing things, exactly
and completely; there is no gray area.” As a result of this adherence
to following through, Mike has excelled in every sales job he’s had. In fact, as
a teenager Mike would sell candy his mother bought in bulk at his school. He was so
successful that the school asked him to stop, because he was outselling the school
and cutting into their profits!
In 2002, after a visit with his friend Jay Kinder, Michael decided that real estate was
the career for him. In his first two years in the business, he sold over 100 homes. In
his third year alone, he exceeded that two-year total by more than 24 homes. By the
end of his 5th year, at only the age of 27, he achieved what most real agents dream
of, earning over $1,000,000 GCI in a twelve-month period. By the end of his 6th year,
he had sold over 500 homes in his short real estate career and he’s on pace to sell
almost 250 homes this year.
In 2006, he and his team at Keller Williams were voted “Best of Business” for Frisco,
TX. In addition, he was voted in as a member of the prestigious “30 under 30” group for
Realtors across the United States. In 2007, Michael ranked within the Top 5 for Keller
Williams in the Southwest Region, and currently holds the ranking of 19th worldwide.
Understanding that you get more when you give, Michael regularly instructs new
agents at the Champions Real Estate School in the Dallas area. He values what he
learned there and wants everyone to be successful in his or her real estate career. He
has also created systems and programs within his real estate business that allow his
agents to be successful and still have balance in their lives. These same programs
have created a great real estate enterprise that delivers amazing results to his clients.
His philosophy is very simple. He believes that you don’t have to be the best Realtor,
just the best marketer. The one with the most clients makes the most money. The
more people you can get in front of, the better chance you have to sell more homes
and the more people you can help.
Michael currently coaches real estate agents across the country alongside Jay Kinder.
He is also in talks with several real estate organizations, who would like Michael’s
expertise in training their employees. His goal is to help others meet and exceed their
wildest dreams and expectations.