The Definitive Guide to Youth Athletic Strength, Conditioning and Performance

Its not whether you get knocked down, its whether you get up. ~ Vince Lombardi

Long ago, we recognized that one way to establish a human pecking order would be to compete in trials of strength and skill without weapons. That way we could get a second opportunity to compete with our opponents, …a rematch! As we evolved, we began to train athletes, often choosing younger and more agile competitors for contests.

Humankind has never lost the desire to compete for supremacy, and athletics remains a relatively safe activity in which we compete for bragging rights. While winning is always gratifying, it is not the only satisfactory outcome. Past great athletes and sages have remarked on many precious life lessons gleaned from losses:

Failure happens all the time. It happens every day in practice. What makes you better is how you react to it. ~ Mia Hamm

The Celebrity Experts® in this book explore the subject of Fitness through conditioning the body for optimal results in young athletes. They look at the factors of mindset, nutrition and exercise – all of which play a part – from all angles and for all ages. They discuss the benefits of training, techniques, and the indelible influence of coaches on young minds. Such influence often stays with individuals for a lifetime.

Whether you have a toddler or a teen, these Celebrity Experts® have found success in teaching and coaching all age groups life-lessons, skills and mindset. Whether their students grow into professional athletes or responsible citizens, appropriate coaching and teaching methods are key to helping them mature into healthy, competitive individuals on and off the field.

Here is an opportunity for coaches and parents to read and adopt successful, tested and proven ideas in their daily roles…………….

You are never really playing an opponent. You are playing yourself, your own highest standards, and when you reach your limits, that is real joy ~ Arthur Ashe