Corinne Briers has played professionally on some of
the top women’s soccer teams in the world and was a
starter for her National Team. She even played professionally
in Sweden for Pia Sundhage, who is the current
coach of the U.S. Women’s National Team. Corinne grew
up playing in Southern California and went on to play for USC where she won
the PAC-10 Championship. Corinne has high level coaching licenses from 3
different countries and was on the coaching staff for one of only 7 teams in
the Women’s Professional Soccer League in the U.S.
Corinne has worked with youth of all ages for over 12 years and is the
founder and director of the Athlete Development Academy. Her coaching
and unique understanding of kids and teens allows athletes to tap into their
potential both on and off the field.
Through the world-renowned International Youth Conditioning Association,
Corinne is a Certified Youth Fitness Specialist, Youth Speed and Agility Specialist,
High School Strength and Conditioning Coach, and Youth Nutrition
In addition to her expertise in helping mold young athletes and soccer players
into better athletes, Corinne is also a Certified Life Coach and Goal Setting
expert. She is the founder of Teen Results, a place where her passion
helps teens develop habits to make a lasting impression on their lives. And
Corinne is a sought-after keynote speaker, where she shares her inspiring
story to aid the audience in learning tools and strategies to deal with life’s
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