Wendy Breault is the Owner and founder of both Vantage
Sports Performance and the Junior Olympic Volleyball
Club, Minnesota Vantage Volleyball.
Wendy was a three-sport high school athlete and allconference
basketball player. She went on to play college basketball and
earned a BA in psychology with a minor in exercise physiology. Wendy is
trained in Functional Movement Screening and Corrective Exercise Technique
by FMS. She is certified by International Youth Conditioning Association
as a Youth Fitness Specialist and is a level 2 certified Youth Speed and
Agility Specialist. She is currently in the process of finishing her High School
Strength Coach Certification.
Although Wendy has coached multiple sports over a span of 20 years, her
passion and interests have always been in the science and application of
strength and conditioning, athletic development and in sports performance.