David C. Cabral has been a certified personal trainer
for more than six years. He is also a Kettlebell Certified
Coach and an Underground Strength Coach. David has
been running boot camps in New Jersey and New York
City for nearly three.
Cabral’s personal belief is that getting into shape is like a child learning
to walk; a baby needs to crawl before he gets up and runs! He is deeply
committed to teaching and guiding exercisers through his simple, effective
His expertise is in mastering new workout techniques and teaching those
techniques to his ‘bootcampers’ in plain language, guaranteeing that every
fitness level will be served, from the “work-out queen” to the “couch potato.”
Cabral uses a combination of body weight exercises, kettlebells, sandbags,
medicine balls, stretch bands and calisthenics in short circuits for time, reps
and rounds. He keeps your muscles guessing (and strengthening) by “mixing
it up”!
“I am 100% committed to your health. Give me 35 minutes and I’ll give you
real results.”
David Cabral – Owner/ Founder