The New Masters of Online Marketing

Did you press Buy/Accept? Or did you hit –Send more information?

We know the Internet is attracting higher levels of ecommerce daily. Online sales numbers being enjoyed by businesses are climbing; people around the globe are enjoying access to
goods and services they would never have dreamed possible even 5 years ago.

We are now well into the ‘Buy it’ and ‘Try it’ stage of Internet commerce. The rapid acceptance of the Internet as an alternative to the old ‘bricks-and-mortar’ economic model has been head-turning. Combining convenience with cost and time-savings, online purchasing is here to stay. There really is no choice left in the New Economy.

There are still a few local businesses that cannot be run exclusively over the internet – like plumbing and air conditioning services, for example, or medical and dental treatments. However, we should not be surprised to see continuing inroads into these sectors by cyber technicians and equipment.

The chances are that as an entrepreneur, you currently use some forms of Internet commerce. To get a more comprehensive appreciation of how the Internet can improve your business, and to discover proven ways of using it, the Celebrity Experts in this book lay out their state-of-the-art
Internet marketing successes for you.

Our Celebrity Expert Internet Marketers in this book are involved in the entire online picture – from finding prospects and customers, discussing purchaser and prospect ‘hot buttons,’ to guiding you on ‘How To Close The Deal’ online.

Whether you are a newbie entrepreneur, a seasoned businessperson who wants to grow your business, or a full-fledged corporation who wishes to beat out your competition in the New Economy, these Celebrity Experts invite you to walk down Cyber Lane with them to Easy Street.

….They have ‘been there and done it!’