Best-selling author, Brian Horn, is recognized by many as the “SEO Guru to the Stars” because of his role in helping many of the top celebrity entrepreneurs in the world with search engine optimization and Internet Marketing. He consulted for Dan Kennedy & Bill Glazer, Ryan Deiss, Ed O’Keefe, Lloyd Irving, Rory Fatt, and even music icon/entrepreneur, Vanilla Ice.

Brian has consulted with these marketing titans in secrecy for nearly 5 years before exploding onto the scene in 2009. Brian has been profiled and featured on ABC, CBS, Forbes, Advertising Age and dozens of other media outlets. Inc Magazine recently named Brian as “The Be On Page 1 of Google Guru” and an “emerging business leader to watch”.
In 2010, Brian created the first fusion backlinking system, named Instant Linkerati ( Brian’s Instant Linkerati famously got a client on page 1 of Google for the 7th most searched term of the year in only 8 months.

Additionally, Brian’s system got one client to page 1 of all the search engines for every competitive term in their niche…and sales exploded from $0 to over $4 million in just 9 months.

Brian is a devoted husband, proud father, the undisputed Leader of the Instant Linkerati Mafia, and an advocate for children with Down syndrome.

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