Jeff Vacek and Ken Preuss are two regular guys who have been personally helping every-day folks build massively successful businesses for over 15 years combined.

Jeff is a former Information Technology professional who was laid off four times within a six-year period. After trying numerous things including real estate investing, a disc jockey business and several MLM’s, he began studying how the TOP entrepreneurs of today create the biggest fortunes. This led him to Information Marketing where he was able to build three separate 6-figure revenue streams and quadruple his previous income within a few months. Jeff has since generated millions in online revenue for partners, clients and students, with whom he freely shares his best underground Information Marketing strategies for generating huge revenues within a short time.

Ken is a former school music teacher who got the entrepreneurial itch and quit his teaching job to start two local businesses: a school consulting company and real estate investment. During a desperate period with almost zero business revenue coming in, he stumbled on to Information Marketing and quietly generated $12,070.80 within 59 days starting from scratch. Using specific strategies he now teaches to students across the globe, Ken was able to grow to mid-five figures monthly within a short period of time. Since that time Ken’s marketing skills have been responsible for generating multiple millions of dollars for both partners and students exclusively through the power of Information Marketing.

In 2009 Jeff and Ken combined forces to teach their proprietary and proven Information Marketing methods to dedicated people all over the world. They now have thousands of students in over 16 countries, and their reach continues to grow exponentially. Most important of all, they get to live out their shared mission of changing people’s financial lives through the power of Information Marketing.

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