Carolyn “CJ“ Matthews is a dynamic speaker, trainer, internet marketer and Webinar trainer who provides her clients with the same tools and techniques that allowed her to triumph over poverty, depression and a debilitating illness.

Struck by Chronic Fatigue Syndrome at the age of 29 and plagued by it over the next decade, CJ ended up bedridden by the disease for over 18 months. She finally overcame it and rebuilt her financial foundation in less than 3 years.

During her years of dealing with CFS, her accomplishments both personally and professionally were still remarkable. She became the #1 Salesperson in the nation for GE Long Term Care Insurance, and also, during her first year as a real estate investor, went from zero to 14 homes, all with no money and no credit at her disposal. She also helped her son identify that his challenges in school were caused by undiagnosed dyslexia – and researched alternative and effective approaches to help him overcome it and regain his self-esteem.

CJ has always enjoyed taking the art of the sale to the highest level and helping others to achieve their dreams. She found her true niche in recent years in coaching internet marketing, providing web copy that optimizes conversions, SEO Strategies that creates traffic and, most recently, Webinar coaching and consultation that helps entrepreneurs realize the profit potential of their ventures.

Through her website at:, she consults with speakers, trainers, “solo-preneurs,” and small businesses on how to use the internet to market themselves more effectively. Recognized as an excellent and experienced Webinar host and trainer, CJ helps clients create and script their Webinars to get the business results they’re after.

CJ has a degree in business marketing, and is also educated in the field of bio-feedback, NLP, TPM and EFT coaching. She also served as Director of Coaching for, the #1 online video marketing service in the world, where she is currently Director of Professional Coaching Certification.

Believing that anyone can find their own personal success, CJ enjoys helping others take the important steps needed to find fulfillment, by teaching the mental, physical, financial and emotional tools that can lead them to their goals for happiness. She currently lives on the Oregon Coast with her ‘Honey,’ and pets that substitute as children, since her son has grown up and is currently serving with the US Air Force.