Brian Evans is a best selling author, real estate investment expert, mentor, speaker and information marketer. His flagship book, How To Make Money In Your Local Real Estate Market, and best selling book The New Masters of Real Estate were both released in 2010. His best seller climbed to #28 overall in Amazon’s top 100 books and was also a #1 Best-Seller in four different categories. These categories include Real Estate Investments, Buying & Selling Homes, Direct Marketing, and Business & Investing: Real Estate. The book also appeared on the lists “Movers and Shakers in books” and “Hot New Releases in Business and Investing.”

Brian was a flat-broke southern boy from Kentucky, turned Wall Street employee drop out, turned failed retail coffee shop owner, turned real estate investor, turned Millionaire real estate expert, Author, Speaker and Mentor by the ripe old age of 28. He married his 7th grade sweetheart, Danielle; has a son, Ryder Cash; and lives in a gorgeous 25-acre Million Dollar Estate in Lexington, on the Kentucky River.

Brian’s recognized entrepreneurial and life motto is:
No Regrets Only Results™

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