Michael Budowski is a serial entrepreneur and sales and marketing expert. He has had successful and unsuccessful ventures. He believes the latter is where humility and wisdom is derived – most notably as President and CEO of a that did SuperBowl® advertising during the Internet boom and subsequent crash. Michael was drawn to business at an early age; he co-founded his first company in 1984, which later sold to a multi-billion dollar public British company.

He has been a speaker at National Conventions, panel member at Universities as well as a former Dale Carnegie Sales Instructor. He has appeared on or in over 80 television, radio and print publications, including Your World with Neil Cavuto, ABC World News Tonight with Peter Jennings, NPR, CNN Headline News, CBS MarketWatch, MSNBC, FOX News Channel and articles from Business Week, USA Today, New York Times, Wired Magazine and a host of others.

He is a consummate learner, avid reader and highly enjoys the case method. His obsession with sales, marketing and persuasion started when he was 19 and attended a five-day boot camp with world-renowned sales trainer Tom Hopkins. He has also attended Executive Education programs at Harvard, Harvard Law School and The Wharton School. Michael recently founded EverLearning™ and EverTeaching™ to spread his philosophy of forever learning and forever teaching.

Michael recalls his early fascination with the Internet when it was only text. He has been fixated on search engines before the term SEO was derived. His fundamental approach to web positioning has achieved over a decade of consistent top rankings, and weathered countless algorithm changes.

He believes that all successful businesses and marketing campaigns begin with passion and focus. For more information on his business, Internet marketing services and speaking engagements, please visit: