Marketing Miracles

Looking for Tried-and-True Dull-as-Dishwater Marketing? TRY ANOTHER BOOK! In the world of marketing and sales, there are few names more recognized than that of Dan Kennedy’s. For years, his break-through-the-box copy and marketing strategies have been responsible for billions in sales for major corporations and small businesses. And along, the way, he has taught entrepreneurs all across the world to cut to the chase, measure their results and find creative ways to build very successful businesses in hundreds of niches.

Now, Dan and fellow co-authors have brought together in one book some of the most creative strategies and tactics to attract clients and customers…and keep them, as well as guarantee higher sales conversions. This book is full of the newest, the best and, of course, the most extreme ways to deliver your marketing message in the most impactful way possible – all devised by successful business leaders who aren’t afraid to innovate or outrage. Prepare yourself for proven powerful strategies that deliver. Prepare yourself for some real “Marketing Miracles!”