Rejuvenation G4 from Nu Way Beauty developed by Luba Winter
is on a mission to guide men and women around the world to love
what they see in the mirror. Three “ABC-Skin Care” steps help them
unlock the secret to a healthy skin and start loving their lives as
soon as possible.
Her popular Rejuvenation G4 is an FDA-cleared, patent pending device safe and easy
to use, celebrated by hundreds of men and women who have seen amazing results
from their daily skin-care routine, reclaimed self-esteem, and started bold, happy
lives with Luba and her proven Rejuvenation program.
Being inspired by her grandmother 27 years ego, Luba along with top worldwide
engineers and cosmetologists, developed a very unique device where she put all
amazing beauty technology of “Galvanic, Ultrasound and Photo Therapy” in one convenient
unit to begin a journey to guide others to live more joyous, balanced lives.
Luba believes that self love and right skin care is where the transformation begins.
Cracking The Success Code, Rejuvenation G4, and aGeniusVision.
com reflect Luba’s passion for inspiring. Even now, you can often find her “handing
out” at, helping users who stop by for assistance.
Luba’s Rejuvenation G4 device and “ABC-Skin Care” is a life-changing program for men
and women who struggle with skin-care routine and want to prevent themselves from
the aging process. Learn more about Rejuvenation G4 at
Nataliya Okynskaya, national success life coach, says, “The Luba Winter approach
challenges several basic notions that many in my field rely on when they run out of
answers. She provides a much-needed wake-up call for the millions of people who
could benefit from her message.”
There are many people without whom this chapter would not have been “born” and
to whom I wish to extend my deepest gratitude:
To Brian Tracy, who was the first person who touched my heart with his message and
wisdom to make a difference in this world, who sent me the invitation to write my
chapter in this book.
To the managing editor for guiding and delivering my “baby” true to form. To Nick
Nanton, JW Dicks and Mike Raines for letting me do the book I was born to do. And
Rejuvenation: Look Better, Feel Better and Build Your Business!
to Kelsey Bealert as well as Jess Todtfeld, for their hours of work and expertise. A
very special thanks to the amazing Diana, Nataly and Phillip who have been such an
inspiration in my life.