“Dr. Lisa” Lang is one of the foremost Theory of Constraints experts
in the world and a sought after manufacturing expert having
appeared in the USA Today, CBSNews’, Wall
Street Journal’s, Yahoo, About.
com,,, The Boston, The
Miami,, and others. She is active in
the NTMA, PMA, and AMT communities having helped over 100 highly custom jobs
shops to reduce their lead-times and improve due date performance. She worked with
Dr Goldratt who is the father of Theory of Constraints and author of the bestselling book,
The Goal. Dr Lisa is the President of the Science of Business specializing in increasing
profits of highly custom manufacturers by applying Theory of Constraints, Lean and Six
Sigma to operations with Velocity Scheduling System and to engineering/design with
Project Velocity System and to marketing with Mafia Offers.
“A must read. Velocity Manufacturing sets the stage for how manufacturers can reduce
Total Cost of Ownership becoming more globally competitive. Dr Lisa is a true expert
helping manufacturers to reduce lead-times and to improve due date performance.”
Harry Moser, Founder, The Reshoring Initiative
“Is it possible your extremely efficient process is actually preventing you from winning
new customers? Dr Lisa thinks so, and she is right! Learn how to increase quality
while reducing lead times using Velocity Manufacturing and really differentiate your
shop from all the others.“
David Landsman, Director
“Dr Lisa is a Theory of Constraints expert with lots of experience in the machining,
tooling, forming, stamping, and fabricating industries. Velocity Manufacturing is
an easy read and will get you started on the road to substantially improving your
operations. If you’re a highly custom job shop — you must read this!”
Grady Cope, CEO Reata Engineering, 2011 National Tooling and Machining Association
Chairman of the Board
“With Velocity Scheduling System we increased our due date performance from 69%
to 96%. At the same time we shipped more jobs, increasing revenue with fewer people.
Being out of survival mode and being out of the chaos and day to day “administrivia”
has allowed me to actually enjoy the business and have a personal life!”
Michelle Reichlin, President, Contour Tool Inc.