For over a decade, TCS President Richard Seppala has worked in the long term care arena as V.P. of sales and Marketing for top providers. During this time, He has developed unique and creative marketing programs consistently exceeding census goals and financial satisfaction.

As a result of his marketing and sales success, Richard has most recently formed Total Census Solutions. A company helping others benefit from his innovative marketing techniques and the newest technologies that have just hit the long term care market.

Grounded by years of direct sales and marketing experience, Richard brings significant value to organizations with creative insight, proven strategies and practical sales and marketing tool that generate results. These tools have generated thousands of inbound calls and qualified leads for multiple providers in multiple disciplines.

Richard has trained thousands of sales and marketing professionals from all the country, to help them sell more effectively, generate more referrals and successfully convert callers to customers.

All this, combined with an appreciation for quality resident care, customer satisfaction and compassion, Richard Seppala sales and marketing innovations are like no other.


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Do my calls go to a call center?
The call is answered directly by your front office staff, receptionist or who ever answer your phone regualarly… When a customer calls your business with one of your tracking numbers, it passes through our system and then directly rings into your office

Is there a long-term contract?
No, at TCS we beleive that if its working for you, then its working for me. We provide service on a month to month basis

Is it a local or 800 number?
You have the option of Toll-Free or Local tracking numbers

How do I get the results?
The reports are available in two options. 1) You have acccess through a secure, password protected, web-based reporting system in real-time to view and analysis your data or you can receive a daily email call details report with a listing of each of your calls for a particular day, week or custom paramaters

What if I want multiple numbers for different campaigns?
TCS will customize packages to fit your needs, whether its 1 number or muliple numbers and combination of local and toll-free

Is there a way to record the calls?
Yes, our call recording feature gives you the option to record all incoming calls for quality assurance

What happens to the phone number if we cancel the agreement?
You have the option to continue the use of your numbers with a small fee to port over the assigned number to your existing carrier.

I don’t have time to learn how to use another practice management system.
Well you don’t need time. We meet with you to determine your needs( a very short, concise to the point meeting), make suggestions to get the most out of your customized system, and put you or the office manager through a fast start training so you can be up and operating immediately.

I don’t know if my phone system or phone company can do this.
We handle all that on our end. You don’t need to change or update your phone service. There is no charge on your phone bill for your new TCS phone numbers. You just need a regular old phone on your end to answer. That simple.

This sounds expensive.
Your customized system costs pennies a day. You probably spend more per day on your coffee fix than you will on this… the life blood of your practice.

I already pay for secret shoppers and phone audits to listen to check my staff.
Phone training is great. But do they audit and listen to each and every phone call you get every day? Do you have instant access to those recordings? With our system, you will have access to each call that will not only be recorded, but the demographic information of the caller will be captured so you have a log turning every ‘tire kicker’ into a future lead. Audit calls don’t do that.

I already have a 800 number and several secondary phone lines for my office.
With your customized “Gold Key To Success”™ Call Tracking, you could have a separate 800 phone number or specific phone number for EACH of marketing pieces, yellow page ads, or Free Standing Inserts. We do all the work to divert these phone numbers to your existing phone lines so there is no extra work required by your staff. You just answer the phone.