Perhaps better known to millions as the “Mayflower Madam,”
Sydney Biddle Barrows found herself moonlighting as a phone girl
at an escort service to supplement her unemployment check after
having been fired for refusing to participate in a kickback scheme. It
may have been the World’s Oldest Profession but it certainly was not being run very
professionally, and less than a year later she decided to open up her own agency.
Relatively small but very upscale, Cachet prospered for five and a half years until New
York’s Finest closed it down, only to later publicly concede that it was the most honest
and professionally run business of its kind ever operated in New York City.
Her first book, Mayflower Madam, went right to the top of the New York Times bestseller
list; Fortune Magazine named it one of The Ten Best Business Books of the Year and
business schools across the country, including Harvard, used it in their curriculum.
Her fourth book, Uncensored Sales Strategies, co-authored with the legendary Dan
Kennedy, was published in January of 2009.
Sydney Biddle Barrows is a recognized authority on using compelling Sales
Choreography to create a meaningful and irresistible Customer Experience. She
consults with entrepreneurs, businesspeople and professional practices to identify
and analyze the Experiences their customers are currently encountering with them,
their staff and their business in general. She then puts together a Sales Choreography
Renovation Plan and works with her clients execute that plan.
Sydney also has an extensive speaking career and presents to a wide range of
business groups, as well as guest lecturing at colleges and universities across the
country, on The Secrets to Creating a Unique and Compelling Customer Experience.
In addition, she writes articles on the Customer Experience, puts out a newsletter
called The Experience Factor, and contributes to (Entrepreneur
magazine’s online site) on the Customer Experience.
As an adjunct to her coaching and consulting business, Sydney does Roadblock
Removal work, eradicating those roadblocks that sabotage people with the best
intentions from organizing and using their time productively; from accomplishing the
things they genuinely want to do; and that hold them back from being the kind of
person they truly want to be.
Sydney lives in New York City on the Upper West Side, and has “no pets, no plants,
no children, and no regrets.”
Visit for more information on her products and services, and to find out more about how you can get out of your own
way and live your life as the person you’ve always wanted to be.