Bigger Better Faster Stronger

Any time you sincerely want to make a change, the first thing you must do is to raise your standards. When people ask me what really changed my life eight years ago, I tell them that absolutely the most important thing was changing what I demanded of myself. ~ Anthony Robbins Changing to become Bigger, Better, Faster & Stronger (BBFS) will give you a competitive edge in your quest for success. As Anthony Robbins states above, changing what you demand of yourself is the first step to achieving higher standards in any field. Is it your goal to improve your mind and/or body for longevity, competition or confidence? If so, search these chapters that our Celebrity Experts® have written.

These authors have enjoyed the personal experience of achieving their goals. They have tested and proved that it can be done, and written their “How-To-Do-It” based on their personal experiences. Professional athletes work harder for coaches who come out of the very sport they coach. They have been there and done that! So too, can you benefit from the Celebrity Experts® experiences and teaching. The trio of Mindset, Nutrition and Training are all integral determinants of BBFS. Mindset is the acceptance of factors that accompany us into appropriate action. Do you have the right mindset? Correct nutrition prepares us for the task.

Are you getting the correct nutrition? Training is the practice to achieve the desired goal. Are you training in the right manner? This trifecta is a combination that will overcome indecision, poor habits and inaction. Desire alone won’t get you there, you must change. Have you heard the saying: “if wishes were horses, beggars would ride.” Well, if you wish to ‘ride’ – saddle up and take action! Your BBFS success depends on it.