Stacy has been in the health and fitness industry for 15
years. Passionately helping thousands of people get in
shape, eat better, and change their lifestyle. She has a
degree in Exercise Science, and is certified as a personal
trainer, boot camp instructor, nutrition coach, and
wellness coach. She has also recently appeared in the TV show “Meet The
Experts” and featured in USA Today as America’s Premier Fitness Expert.
She incorporates her integrated style approach to helping clients create
a lifestyle change that addresses her five principle foundations for lasting
transformation. After working in health clubs for over 10 years and watching
the high turnover of employees and drop out rates of new members,
she wanted to reach out to those whose needs were not being met in that
Her company STA-FIT Health Solutions & Fit Body Boot Camp was created to
address the needs of those who are frustrated with their lack of results. She
has created lifestyle programs that offer a way to challenge the mind, body,
and spirit through educating her clients with proper goal setting, addressing
sabotaging behaviors, creating a plan and a solution with proper nutrition,
supplementation, and exercise – all while holding them accountable through
group and individual accountability programs.
She offers customized solutions for those who need more attention with
one-to-one personal services in home or in private studio, as well as group
training to address a larger audience who prefer to engage in a dynamic
group environment. Her strong desire to help as many people as possible
was the driving force behind her boot camp business.
Her mission is to use her business to be the vehicle that moves her clients
forward on their journey towards better health and a better life with a balanced
approach. Her vision is to create a different lifestyle approach for
people that will help them be more productive at work, have more energy,
happy with the way they look, help them connect with others who share
common goal, and empower her clients to share their stories – to make a
difference in the community and in their homes as good role models. Her
motto is “lead by example!” As a busy mother, dedicated wife and business
owner, she strives to continue her journey of spiritual growth, living with the
purpose of making a difference, balancing her own healthy living, while also
empowering clients with a deeper purpose in mind.
Stacy is taking steps to reach out into the community and give to those in
need by working with local food bank, church, and charity events. She motivates
her clients to use their increased fitness to also give back through
being fit to serve others, participating in races for local charity, other fitness
events, and mission trips. Her company hosts annual community events like
“Burn the Fat to Feed the Hungry” – which is a food drive for a local food
bank, and last year her boot campers raised over $5,000 to help Wounded
Warriors in Woodstock, GA. with the local fire and police department.
Her company services Canton, Woodstock, and Roswell, Georgia and can be
reached at: or for
free trial.