Peter Gibbs, MA, LMFT is the owner of BodyMind Balance, a personal training
studio in Worcester Massachusetts. He is a recognized expert in mobility
training to reduce pain and the likelihood of injury, while enhancing physical
performance at any level.
Peter is a Z-Health® certified Movement Performance and Exercise Therapy
Specialist. His background includes bodyweight and suspension training
and extensive training in both Stott and Peak styles of Pilates. As a licensed
psychotherapist, Peter has expertise in a wide range of motivational techniques.
He has practiced and taught meditation and stress management for
more than 20 years, and offers a variety of Corporate Wellness programs
through BodyMind Balance.
Peter has directed tennis, baseball, soccer and basketball camps and his
background in sports performance training is enhanced by years of experience
as a tennis professional.
Peter is committed to providing expert coaching to enable anyone, whether
a professional athlete or desk athlete, to achieve the highest levels of physical
and mental performance.