Victory is the mirror-image of goal attainment. The tougher it is to attain our goal, the greater the feeling of success when we do. Achievers wish to accomplish, and this book can serve as a roadmap or GPS to move you in this direction. Our CelebrityExperts® in this book are among those who have attained success in their life-careers and are willing to share their process and knowledge with you. You will note the direction they take and the obstacles they overcame to accomplish the desired result. They have varied backgrounds that span the charts from sales to financial planning to energy consulting.

The components in common that these CelebrityExperts® display are the basic tenets of success or VICTORY – including discipline, planning and perseverance. The one item that ties them all together is their ability to spread their ideas to their audience/clients. In the same way that the best unboxed mousetrap never caught a mouse, the best ideas unreleased remain ideas. So, allow these CelebrityExperts® to guide, coach and encourage you to attain that VICTORY you dream about and deserve.