Tech Multiplier

We are living in a world where the ancient concept of ‘only change is constant’ still rules – perhaps nowhere is this more important than in the world of computers. Add to this the necessity to keep our businesses functioning at an efficient level of productivity, and you have a major requirement for computer expertise on demand. In fact, hiring the wrong computer expert or consultant in business, however well intended, can easily spell disaster. That’s why our Celebrity Experts® wish to share this book with you. They have specific areas of knowledge and expertise they have used to analyze situations and advise their clients. They have extensive proven experience and education in integrating, implementing and changing systems. They discuss how to blend operators, equipment and systems, as well as explore disaster recovery systems and the ‘Cloud.’ Choosing a consultant becomes a decision that relies on that person or group to quickly, accurately and competently manage system implementation or change. The Celebrity Experts® in this book have the expertise and experience that can guide you. They wish to share their knowledge with you. That’s what Celebrity Experts® are for.