For over 26 years Peter Verlezza has architected technology solutions that make sense for medical practices, businesses and non-profits. His unique way of approaching challenges comes from a belief that it all starts with people. In the early years, Peter worked at his family’s deli and catering businesses where the foundation of exemplary customer service was instilled by his family. The value of serving has extended to his professional relationships with clients as well. Peter internally asks the question “is this in the best interest of the client?” while remembering the old saying “you can’t change what you have been handed only how you deal with it”. He approaches both of these with a sense of humor, charisma and genuine care for others, it’s become a way of life. Many businesses are limited in their technologic strengths, yet when they become a client of SMB Networks they immediately are included in the family style inner circle that has the ability to provide the strength necessary to transport the business to the intended goals. The deli days are long gone, but the overall interest for each client is still very much flourishing.