Bill Ooms has over 25 years of experience in computer consulting. His business and economics education, along with his experience, help Bill provide valuable recommendations for using today’s technology to meet the needs of small businesses. He has consulted for major corporations as well as dozens of small businesses. He has developed several applications, taught classes, worked extensively with networks and the internet, and has designed and planned various systems. Bill currently is President of the Greater Lafayette Information Technology Society, and is serving on the Board of Directors for the Greater Lafayette Public Transportation Corporation.

As president and owner of Business System Solutions, which is based in West Lafayette Indiana, Bill has focused on customer service to meet the IT needs for small business. Bill’s clients consider him an absolute genius at all things technical. His goal is to help business owners gain incredible peace of mind by eliminating costly, frustrating and time-consuming problems that most businesses have with technology.

Business System Solutions specializes in providing management level responsibility for all technology in small businesses. This includes support for computer networks and working with hardware and software vendors whose technology is used by those businesses. They do this with friendly, proactive, and responsive service. Visit Bill’s company website at or follow him on twitter at