The Ultimate Real Estate Survival Guide

What do you think of when you hear the term real estate? Is it buying a home? Perhaps selling one? Or is income-producing investments something that skips to the front of your mind? While your reasons for delving into the world of real estate may vary, one thing is certain: having a guide is essential!

As in any industry, there are certain strategies involved with buying, selling, and investing in properties that lead to the most beneficial outcomes. However, before you can apply the tricks-of-the-trade, you have to know what they are. For that reason we’ve compiled The Ultimate Real Estate Survival Guide. This is your go-to guide for navigating the minefield of real estate nuances.

These CelebrityExperts® have come together to offer their time-tested expertise in all areas of the field. Inside you’ll find the dos and don’ts for the first time homebuyer and seller, proven strategies to negotiate a deal, how to determine the true value of a property, as well as insider secrets on real estate investing and wholesaling properties, just to name a few.

No matter which side of the deal you find yourself on, the sage advice provided in The Ultimate Real Estate Survival Guide will not only allow you to survive, but will have you thriving in all of your real estate goals.

Authors: Bob Scott; Deborah McLaughlin; Eric Penaranda; Alfred Lenhard; Alton Jones; Hunter Paschall; Michael Cantrell; Lance A. Edwards; Charles McCutchen; and Dave Bowen