I, like most Pakistanis and Indians, was conceived to be a doctor. Where we come from, you’re either a doctor or an engineer—or you don’t exist and no girl will marry you when you get older. While on that –pre-med journey in college, I started my own distributorship for an internet service provider and became one of the top distributors in the country, and yes, I did it from my tiny college dorm room. I told my parents that I would no longer being pursuing medicine because my heart was not in it, and being that this was the dream they wanted for their son when they came to the United States, you can imagine the explosion mushroom cloud that I had set off when I broke this news to them.
Around that same time, I was introduced into the world of real estate by a friend and went on to get my real estate license. I was privileged to be trained directly by the master franchiser in the state of NJ for Keller Williams, from whom I not only learned the business of real estate, but daily habits of success and leadership that I implement into my life this very day.
Upon graduation from college, I started my career in healthcare sales, with increasing responsibilities in training and sales management. While I was working at my job, one of my clients introduced me to the notorious world of multi-level marketing. My 3-year stint in MLM gave me the gift of an incredible work ethic and a tough skin to endure the harshness of rejection that is often found in the world of business. In 2008, while still employed, and as the economy began its downward spiral, I started Strategic Realty Solutions (, a real estate solutions and residential re-development company dedicated to helping homeowners avoid foreclosure and buyers find great deals on and off the market. Along with my success with SRS came opportunities for me to teach what I had successfully done in real estate investing to new and upcoming investors, which gave birth to the Real Estate Wealth Academy (, a premier teaching company that teaches and provides supports to real estate investors all over the country.
I am an avid supporter and leader of various Muslim American organizations and in helping our people assimilate and contribute to our society. I serve as the Project Manager for the Muslim Youth Community Center ( Through this organization, I helped to found and co-organize the Annual Halal Food Festival which drew a crowd of 4,000 people in 2012, a certified speaker and trainer for the New Jersey Islamic Speakers Bureau (, and co-organizer and founder of MYCC Sports ( I am also the Lead Volunteer Coordinator for the Ramadan Orphan Drive for the Northeast Region of Islamic Relief, which has helped to sponsor over 300 orphans over the last 2 years. I also deliver the Friday sermon at the weekly congregational prayers at various mosques throughout NJ.

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