Mission Driven Business

Apple. Uber. Amazon. Chipotle. Federal Express. Zappos. What do these phenomenally successful companies have in common? They’re all Mission-Driven businesses-and have been since day one of their existence. Now for the first time, Nick Nanton and JW Dicks, the Emmy Award-winning marketing masterminds who brought you The Wall Street Journal best-selling book, StorySelling, reveal the secrets behind why Mission-Driven companies stand head and shoulders above their competition-and how yours can too! In these pages, you’ll see the startling statistics that show just how dramatic an advantage being Mission-Driven delivers in today’s marketplace- how it maximizes marketing and builds an invincible internal culture – and why it almost guarantees return business from your customers and clients, no matter what your competition does.

More importantly, you’ll have access to an exclusive Action Guide that will serve as your own personal blueprint to transform your own organization into a Mission-Driven superstar-plus you’ll hear directly from some Mission-Driven superstars who share their inspirational stories. If you’re ready to lift your business to the next level-and lift the lives of those around you at the same time-you’re ready to read The Mission-Driven Business! THE 21st Century Business Model for Prosperity-for You AND Your Customers!

Authors: Joel Canfield