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Lisa Nichols

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Ann-Marie Emmanuel


Ann-Marie’s exclusive talk, “READY, SET, JUMP!”, is designed to empower you with the tools needed to build courage, dedication, and commitment. Overcome the fear of failure and uncertainty, and confidently follow your purpose. Claim your free access now and take the first step towards a more fulfilling and purposeful life.

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Dawn Mattera

5-Day Dolce Vita Discovery

You can create a life of passion and purpose!

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Debra Stangl

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The Journey To Happy – How Embracing The Concept That Nothing Is Wrong, #1 International Bestseller in 4 countries and 5 categories.

In the eBook and Companion Course Debra gives you secrets, plus the 9 Stepping Stones, to achieve happiness in all areas of your life in 30 days! She reveals the exact steps she followed to go from being an unhappy, stressed-out divorce attorney who was in an unhappy marriage, in debt, and 40 pounds overweight to happy, blessed with financial abundance, down to her ideal weight (in 5 weeks – without diet or exercise!), doing the work of her dreams with Sedona Soul Adventures and finding and marrying her soul partner, all by using the processes in the book

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Dr. Collette Wayne

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As a valued reader, you’re invited to dive deeper into Dr. Collette Wayne’s profound wisdom with an exclusive bonus offer. For purchasing the uplifting and inspiring book, Rise Up!, you’ll receive an expanded audio version of her chapter “Surrounded by Oceans of Grace,” narrated by the author herself.

In this immersive audio experience, Dr. Wayne’s peaceful voice will guide you through the depths of her insights, allowing you to fully absorb the essence of living in alignment with your telos – the core of who you were created to be.

But that’s not all! This bonus also includes 5 practical tips from Dr. Wayne herself, equipping you with actionable steps to embody your telos and live a life of purpose and fulfillment.

Embrace the oceans of grace that surround you and let Dr. Wayne’s guidance illuminate your path to living authentically and purposefully.

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Dr. Dede Shepherd

Don’t miss your chance to get a free chapter on starting the process of overcoming depression from Dr. Dede’s devotional, Inspire to Live Now.

Has depression controlled your life, created an emptiness, or loneliness? Have you tried everything and just sick and tired of being sick and tired? It’s time to join a new journey … 

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Dr. Fred Rouse


The REAL Money Doctor’s SPECIAL 10 Step Goal Setting Action Guide

This is the Proven Step-By-Step Guide for Setting & Achieving Your Goals written and approved by the top award winning and International Best Selling Author and Former Certified Financial Planner, Dr.  Fred Rouse.

10 Step Goal Setting Action Guide-Free Offer!


Reinventing RetirementFinding Purpose In Retirement

  • Retirement is undoubtedly one of life’s biggest transitions.
  • Today, 75 is the new 60 and 65 is the new 50.
  • Retirement is no longer the finish line. It’s the starting gate!
  • Retirement is a time to redefine yourself… A chance to pursue new passions and live with renewed purpose.
  • Having A Life Plan For Retirement may be even more important than your Financial Plan to finance your retirement.

Maybe it’s time you had the
“Purpose Conversation”.

This Complimentary eBook will help facilitate
that conversation by helping you to think deeply
about your life well beyond your portfolio.

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Dr. Heidi Gregory Mina

Join Dr. Heidi’s VIP Business Network free for one year. In this network, you will meet other like-minded individuals with whom you can collaborate and learn. There are monthly networking sessions, goal-setting sessions, training sessions, speakers, and much more.

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Dr. K Bloom


As a thank you for purchasing Rise Up!, enjoy Dr. K’s exclusive “Recipes for Resilience & Chocolate Chip Cookies” bonus. Discover your path to happiness in love and life with Dr. K’s FREE Resilience Recipe and Worksheet! Plus, don’t miss out on the delicious chocolate chip cookie recipe that’s sure to sweeten your journey.

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Dr. Tabatha’s Mastering Hormones Bundle

Mastering Hormones Masterclass:

Learn the 6 Common Mistakes Women Make During (Peri)Menopause. Discover exactly how to balance your hormones, lose stubborn menopausal weight, & look and feel 10 years younger!

Essential Guide to Thriving During (Peri)menopause:

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Dr. Teri Rouse

Chaos is everywhere. But there are ways to navigate through, so you don’t need to stay stuck.

Chaos Crushers is a list of 10 techniques. You can use to crush the chaos in your everyday life so that when chaos arrives, you can kick it to the curb.

Chaos crushing can be second nature. Use these techniques daily to restore peace at home at school or at work!

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Frank Brese

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As a token of my appreciation for purchasing Rise Up I am offering 15% off all VMI Products which include Kitchen Blowers, Liners, and Custom Wood Hoods.  Products can be viewed at www.vmi-inc.net

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Jennifer Perri

Are you living an authentic life?

Download Your FREE Daily Authenticity Checklist and discover the power of authenticity. This checklist features 10 powerful questions designed to empower you to live a beautiful, authentic life every single day.


Nick Nanton

Nick Nanton’s Story SellingTM Master Class, Limited Time Offer!

A comprehensive guide to crafting compelling narratives that resonate with your audience, spark emotions, and drive conversions.

Remember, your brand’s success story starts with compelling storytelling. Unlock the secrets of StoryTellingTM and revolutionize your marketing approach today!

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Rhonda Davison

Free intenSati Class with Rhonda Davison!

Join Rhonda for a FREE transformative 60-minute virtual intenSati class on Zoom. This free session combines high-energy cardio moves with powerful mantras to awaken your mind, body, and spirit. Experience the unique blend of movement, mantra, and meditation that will leave you uplifted, connected, and strong.

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Simone Fortier

Join our 3-Day Challenge: Empowering Women – Unleash Your Feminine Genius with Simone Fortier. Dive into brain health, resilience, and self-care to unlock your growth potential. Engage in discussions, reflective exercises, and practical applications to navigate challenges, prioritize well-being, and empower yourself and others. Rise up, embrace your power, wisdom, and feminine genius. Take the first step now!

3-Day Challenge with Simone Fortier

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Susan Rucker

As a heartfelt THANK YOU for your incredible support in purchasing our extraordinary book, I am thrilled to offer you an exclusive gift: a complimentary electronic version of my chapter, “Who Are You Really? Who Do You Want To Be?” from the sensational co-authored masterpiece with none other than Jack Canfield, titled The Keys to Authenticity: Unlocking the Code to a Fulfilling Life and Business.

This isn’t just any bonus—it’s a key to unlocking your fullest potential, guiding you toward a life of authenticity, purpose, and fulfillment. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to delve into the wisdom of two renowned authors.

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