You Are The #1 Target

Do you wish to be a target? No, no one does. However, in this electronic ‘brave new world’ (with apologies to Aldous Huxley), we have transitioned from hunter to hunted. Also, with computers playing a dominant role in everyday life, the entire world is now on realtime, living in a world of websites, passwords and smartphones.

With the acceptance of our electronic world, there is now the expectation that we can enjoy the use of our electronic devices. But wait! Hold it a minute! We have to remember that we also carry along with us the baggage of progress – electronic thieves and pickpockets, and their tools – including the Dark Web. This is not to mention the unethical individuals and organizations that have mushroomed. To use an old school comparison, the unprincipled and unethical are “as thick as thieves” in our present world.

The ubiquitous use of electronics to organize and simplify our lives has demanded that our electronic technical age develop a new genre of “fix-it ” professionals. Our CelebrityExperts® and authors in this book are ‘ the handymen’ (technical men and women) of the future. Fixing a wagon wheel in the ‘old wild west ’ was one thing, but in the present computer age, our new generation of “ fixer uppers” – talented technical people –fix, maintain and protect our complex electronic devices and systems.

The authors in this book are at the forefront of our protective wall. You will read how they effectively combat the sleazy elements of humanity that are determined to steal our data, dollars and domains. They are our cybersecurity force of the future!

Authors: Russell Poucher; Gary Monck; Carl Scalzo; Tom Crossley; Huey Huynh; Randy Bankofier; Sean Connery; George Mansour; Milan Baria; Darren Patoni; Cathy Coloff; Terrence Boylan; Alison Meredith; Jason Marilla; and Clint Brinkley.