ThoughtLeader® Anthology Volume 1

ThoughtLeaders® are often described as being the authority figure in a specialized field who are sought out for their specific knowledge and skillset. However, they are so much more than that. They are constantly looking beyond the surface of their industry to adapt traditional methods of thought within their field into something new and improved with their innovative ideas and unique insights.

ThoughtLeaders® are the people who inspire, teach and encourage us to advance ourselves, in every sense of the term. Even better, ThoughtLeaders® believe in sharing their wisdom in hopes that even more people will benefit from their knowledge and find personal and professional success. The ThoughtLeaders® in this Anthology share those beliefs and have o ered the lessons and skills they have acquired through time-tested experience in order to help their readers achieve the victories in life that may have been eluding them until now.

Whether you’re looking for encouragement, effective tools to expand your business, ways to improve your health and wellbeing or anything in between, these ThoughtLeaders® have the knowledge, experience and skillset necessary to enhance your life. In order to walk down the path of success you need to be willing to learn from those who have traveled it before you. Let these ThoughtLeaders® instill their wisdom in you so that you too can reach a level of achievement and prosperity you’ve only imagined.

“If you are not willing to risk the usual, you will have to settle for the ordinary.” ˜ Jim Rohn

Authors: Richard Branson, KT; Brian Tracy; Pat Rigsby; Dr. Keerthy Sunder; Jw Dicks, Esq.; Dr. Jeffrey Magee, CMC, CBE, PDM, CSP; Lindsay Dicks; Rizi Timane; Isabel Harkins; Gary Marriage Jr.; Eli Dafesh; Greg Rollett; Olga Rickards; Mark Gyetvay; Fai Chan; Will Shannon; Nick Nanton, Esq.; Perminder Chohan; and V. Krishna Lakkineni.