The Turning Point 

There is a point at which our actions and thoughts aggregate to move us towards a decision. This is the point where momentum overcomes inaction and is often referred to as a turning point. These decisions are made for reasons that have varying effects on our lives, from casual to momentous.

This book, Turning Point, is filled with authors who reveal successful turning points in their lives -points in time at which they were able to move their agendas forward. They discuss information they used to arrive at their conclusions, even including decisions that were unproductive

-which can also help you avoid making the same mistakes. This type of mentorship and experience can save you significant time and unnecessary expense in putting your plans into action. The fields that these authors cover include business success, personal accomplishment, resurgence in health, and success with finances. Many of these authors found that their turning points were discovered through a change in personal positioning or by adopting a mentor or deity who would guide them. For whatever reason their changes were accomplished, they share their experiences to help readers get to that point. What a wonderful sharing concept!