The Compliance Formula

The Compliance Formula is no ordinary book. Its 21 authors don’t just have a cursory view of compliance. They are best-in-class IT leaders with decades’ worth of expert in-the-trenches compliance and cybersecurity experience. As you ponder whether this book is for you, think about your own business. Do you want to win Department of Defense (DoD) contracts or clients that touch the government in ANY way? Do you have the highest protection against a ransomware attack? Can you afford the downtime and millions of dollars non- compliance will cost you? No matter how you answered, you’re going to want to read this book. Why? Achieving CMMC (Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification)compliance is vital for survival for almost every business today. Explained in layman’s terms, this book breaks down CMMC compliance so you can win DoD contracts and formulate the highest protection against the increasingly frequent and complex cyber-attacks. You may start this book thinking you don’t need CMMC and finish realizing that any business that sidesteps this important framework puts themselves, their employees, vendors, and customers in jeopardy for cybercrime and the fines, penalties, and lawsuits that can follow. Even if you have no IT staff, little knowledge about CMMC compliance, or a modest IT budget, The Compliance Formula will greatly simplify compliance, maximize your security, and ensure you avoid financial penalties.

Authors: Adam Crossley, Art Leiby, Austin Justice, Bill Ramsey, David Luft, Greg Zimmerle, Joe Thigpen, John Hill, Kevin Mann, Marco Alcala, Matt Kahle, Matt Katzer, Rusty Goodwin, Stuart Bryan, Tarek Salem, Timothy Poyner, Troy McCollum, Wayne Hunter, Will Nobles, Will Sperow, Zachary Kitchen