Success Starts Today

The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones. ~ Confucius

This quote, used by Jack Canfield in this book, is one of countless quotations that verbally illustrate the “magic” of starting a new journey or project “today.” And “magic” it is, because sages and successful people have always emphasized the need to start your process immediately, if not sooner.

Successful people tend not to understand doing things “tomorrow.” Even inexperienced but ambitious people take only a moment to understand the benefits of acting promptly. Acting promptly should not be taken to mean hastily, or without planning, but as an overpowering caveat to start the job at hand.

Would you like to succeed? Most people do. And there are no boundaries for choosing goals. Our goals may include our desire to succeed in business, academia, societal or personal accomplishment, humanitarian improvement or any other field we select. The Celebrity Experts® who have made their journeys to success in this book share with you the importance of getting started and the potholes to avoid.

This is why the title of this book, Success Starts Today, is reflected so appropriately in the famous words of Martin Luther King, Jr.: You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.

Authors: Jack Canfield; Dr. Veerle Van Tricht; Daniel Casetta; Rhonda Barry; JW Dicks; Nick Nanton; Altheresa Goode Howard; Catherine Allon; Krystle Hall; Patrick Jinks; Dr. Kathleen Allard-Wasajja; Preston Pickett; Dr. Ritva Elina Ruotsalainen; Judith A. Swack, Ph.D.; Daniel Menden; Alisha Thompson Adams; Cheryl Ivaniski, D.Ac., C.H., RDH; Dr. Conny Blunt; Dr. Brad Glowaki; Dr. Jonathan Agbebiyi; Lefford Fate; Melanie E. Bratcher, Ph.D.; Pat Obuchowski; Dr. Aimee V. Sanchez; and Gabi Laszinger.