Success Redefined

This is an age-old question with no singular answer – by which is meant that each of us has differing ideas of success. Consequently, the definition of success becomes subjective. However, on a narrower and more definitive plane, there are some common categories in which many share – typically in the realms of financial improvement, public acclaim, and community goals. These are major goals to which many aspire.

In redefining success, we have only to look at the changing times. New technologies, shared learning and discoveries, along with an increasingly knowledgeable population, have all encouraged us to chart new pathways to success. The components of success, however, have not changed, and they continue to highlight the elements of knowledge, planning, action and perseverance.

Two important factors that encourage and facilitate the attainment of success are mentoring and experience. When these elements are enmeshed in the fabric of goal accomplishment, the achievement of success is more efficiently pursued – saving time, expense and effort. The Celebrity Experts® in this book can help you with their input. Their knowledge and experience can be invaluable, and their ability to share both their successes and failures, can efficiently mold the way you move towards your personal goal of Redefined Success.


  • Jack Canfield
  • Nancy Ho
  • Ana Megrelishvili
  • Nick Nanton
  • Sharon Papo
  • Robert Beatty
  • Kiersten Blest
  • Armand Djagueu
  • Christina Roberson-Smeltzer
  • Debra Stangl
  • Judith A. Hancox
  • MSW
  • PA Ann Sommer
  • Stacey Pitcher
  • Michael Miklaus
  • Dr. Pritesh Lohar
  • Regine Neiders, PhD
  • Dr. Maria Rodriguez
  • Elizabeth Aguilera
  • Mena Teijeiro
  • Paul Peters
  • Robert Louis Crane
  • Gail A. Grenzig, PhD
  • Gwen Medved